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Juvenile/Probate Court:  Adoption Information
To initiate an adoption procedure, please make sure you have the following at the time of filing with the Court:

• Petition for Adoption
• Consents
• Preliminary Account (not required on step-parent adoptions)
• Certified copy of child's birth certificate
• Vital Statistics Form, HEA 2757 (for new birth certificate)
• Proof of custody (if child is not in custody of a parent)
• Cash or check/money order payable to “Fairfield County Probate Court”

Please note: If you are working with an agency that will provide the home assessment, please notify the Court at the time of filing.

Paperwork can be filed by mail or in person. The Court’s hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Closed for all legal holidays, as well as the day after Thanksgiving, and at noon on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Good Friday.

10 days prior to final hearing the following should be submitted to the Court:
• Final account (not required for step-parent adoptions)
• Balance of court costs.

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Any questions should be addressed to:
April Fraley 740-652-7488
Probate Clerk's Office : 740-652-7464
Judge Terre L. Vandervoort
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Magistrate Michelle L. Edgar
p: 740-652 7212
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