Juvenile and Probate Court
Traffic Court

Traffic Court is held every Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m.  All juveniles are required to appear with a parent, unless the juvenile is charged only with non-moving offense such as no seatbelt. Non-moving violations may be paid at the Clerk’s office prior to the Court date in lieu of appearance.

During Traffic Court arraignments, you will appear before the Judge or Magistrate and enter either an admission or denial to the charge.

If you admit to the violation, the Judge or Magistrate will listen to what you have to say on the matter and then most likely render a sentence at that time.  Sanctions may include all or any of the following: a fine, costs, attend traffic school, write an essay and/or license suspension.  In more serious cases, drug screens or probation may be ordered.  Fine and costs are expected to be paid at that time.

If you deny the violation, the matter will be scheduled for a pre-trial on another date and time.  At the pre-trial, you will be permitted to bring witnesses to testify on your behalf.


Below is an explanation of penalties on second and third moving violations which are required by law:

SECOND OFFENSE: A mandatory 90 day license suspension or attend an Advanced Juvenile Driver Improvement Program

THIRD OFFENSE: A mandatory 1 year license suspension.

  • Your driver’s license will be taken immediately and destroyed.
  • Driving privileges may be granted at the discretion of the Court.  If a substantial hardship is shown, the Court may grant specific driving privileges during the time of the suspension for school and/or work.
  • If driving privileges are granted and all fines and costs are paid, a right-to-drive will be issued by the Court.  Your current license must be surrendered to the Court prior to receiving the right-to drive.  Any later revisions of that permit will cost $10.00.

In addition to these mandatory penalties imposed by law, the Court may impose other penalties such as a fine, essays, traffic school, or other sanctions.  All fines and costs must be paid prior to leaving Court.


Suspensions of 90 days or more:

Two weeks prior to the end date of your suspension, call the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 614-752-7700 or 614-752-7600 for information to reinstate you license.

Suspensions of  89 days or less:

The Court keeps licenses suspended less than 90 days the juvenile or parent can pick up license after suspension is lifted.


Please make sure your name is legible and at the top of your essay. All essays may be sent to the Court by:


Fairfield County Juvenile Court

224 East Main Street, Suite 308

Lancaster, OH 43130

FAX:  740-687-0942
Email: juvenileprobate@fairfieldcountyohio.gov

If you have additional questions, contact:

Traffic Clerk, 740-652-7463.

Due to the volume of calls received, please allow 24 hours to respond to your message.