Judge Terre L. Vandervoort
Juvenile and Probate Court of Fairfield County, Ohio
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Juvenile/Probate Court:  Juvenile Forms
General Forms
Application for Court Appointed Counsel
Continuance Motion & Entry
Request for Court Recordings
Request for Juvenile Records
Motion for Court Order

Grandparent Custody (information sheet)
Caretaker Affidavit
Power of Attorney (grandparent)
Grandparent Custody Affidavit (must be filed with Caretaker Affidavit and Power of Attorney Grandparent)

Seal and Expungement of Records
Written Notice Regarding Sealing and Expungement of Records
Sealing & Expunging of Juvenile Records - Information Packet
Application to Seal Record
Early Expungement Application

Temporary Custody
Temporary Custody Packet
Request for Extension of Temporary Custody
Judge Terre L. Vandervoort
p: 740-652-7212 /Bio 

Magistrate Michelle L. Edgar
p: 740-652 7212
Location Information:
Fairfield County
Juvenile/Probate Court
224 East Main Street (map)
Third Floor
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Contact / Hours:
740-652-7464 - Probate
740-652-7463 - Juvenile
740-687-0942 - Fax

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Probate Court Rules / Fees
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