Juvenile/Probate Court
Juror Information

Jurors are randomly selected by the Jury Commission three times a year from information
provided by the Board of Elections and the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. Each selected juror is served with a summons for jury duty through the Sheriff’s office. Jury terms are for a period of four months, as follows:

  • January 1 through April 30
  • May 1 through August 31
  • September 1 through December 31
If you are selected for jury duty, YOU HAVE NO SPECIFIC REPORTING DATE.  If you are required to appear for a jury trial, the Court will notify you by phone or mail.  We will make every effort to provide you with two weeks advance notice of your reporting date.

If you are notified to appear for jury duty, you need to report to the Probate & Juvenile Courts located on the third floor of the Hall of Justice on the corner of East Main and Pearl Streets, at 224 East Main Street, Lancaster. After reporting, if you are not selected as a juror, you will be released by the Court. 


Once you have been notified to report on a specific date, please call 740-652-7459 the evening before (after 4:30 p.m.).  A recorded message will advise you whether or not the jury trial has been cancelled.  Jury trials often settle at the last minute and this may be your only notification of cancellation. Notice will also be placed on this website.

Each juror will be served with a questionnaire which is required to be completed and returned within ten (10) days in the envelope provided.  Your questionnaire will be reviewed by the Jury Commissioners, the Court and possibly the attorneys involved in the jury trial; otherwise, all information will be kept confidential.

Please do not request to be permanently excused from jury service for reasons other than those listed on the excuse form on your questionnaire..  The Court cannot excuse you under Ohio law except for certain enumerated reasons.  Your summons is a Court Order and any failure to comply can result in the imposition of sanctions provided under Ohio law. Jury service is both a privilege and a duty as an American citizen.
Juror Procedure

1. Receive notification by phone or mail of date to appear.

2. Call 740-652-7459 after 5:00 p.m. on the evening before you are to report.

3. If required, appear at Court, Hall of Justice,Third Floor, 224 E. Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio. [MAP]
    Parking is on the street or in the lot on the corner of Main and Pearl.
Juror Exemptions
Section 2313.14(A) of the Ohio Revised Code allows the Court to excuse individuals from jury duty for the following reasons:

(1) Public interest will be materially injured by the juror’s attendance.
(2) The juror’s spouse has recently died or spouse or near relative is dangerously ill.
(3) The juror is a cloistered member of a religious organization.
(4) The juror has a mental or physical condition that makes them incapable of serving (doctor’s statement required).
(5) Jury duty would cause extreme physical or financial hardship
     (determination to be made by the court).
     (Supporting documentation required.) 
     Employment reasons do not qualify.
(6) The juror is over 75 years of age and requests to be excused.
(7) The juror is an active member of an Amish sect and cannot pass judgment in a judicial matter.

If you do not qualify to be excused, but have a scheduled vacation or business commitment, please list the dates on your juror questionnaire and we will make every attempt to avoid calling you for those dates.


Our Court rarely has jury trials and it is very probable that you will never be called.  If you are seated on a jury, the trial will mostly likely last one day.  We will make every attempt not to inconvenience you unduly; however, you are essential to our judicial system!

If you have any further questions:
LeAnna Shaeffer, Business Manager
Phone: 740-652-7465.